Adressing The Technical Elephant in the Room...


Hey everyone! 


Hacked here. So this post was originally going to be something completely different from what I plan on talking about today. Today I wanted to address the significant elephant in the room, and as you can see, you’re in a completely different space from when we first started this journey together. 


Originally, this post was to be about nails or something along those lines. But I had to address something bigger: the space that we’re in! So grab your tea or coffee, take a plop in your cozy corner, and let’s get technical!


In the beginning, I just wanted a website. Something that I could say that I built, that I designed, and that I did all the upkeep on it. That was my main goal. 


I achieved it. 


I fell into the ads and wound up using OnUniverse, the app that lets you build a site right from your phone. Sounded simple enough and looked to be about everything that I needed to check all my boxes. I had tried out WordPress in the past but decided that I would learn to code WordPress on a rainy day in the future. 


Setting up the site on Universe was simple enough. Literally, drag and drop, then BOOM! You have yourself a website. So that was simple enough.


Now, I had used Shopify and Etsy in the past. Etsy actually shut my store down before this because I had done some Fortnite and anime paintings (which I still have) but Etsy thought that I had just printed them instead of paint, called it copyright infringement, and shut it down. Oh well; you live and you learn. Shopify, I was trying my hands at drop shipping and that didn’t work too well either, so I stepped away from both.


Now to the meaty bits: why I actually left Universe.


Simply put, in the least amount of technical terms, it simply sucked.


Why was/is it trash you might ask? Let me break down my perspective as not only a small business owner but as a technical witch.


So to begin with, Universe didn’t have coupons. Just before I left, I sent them a really long email about the features they should’ve implemented on day one, and having coupons or discount codes was the main thing. After I stopped my subscription, they sent me an email saying that they had just added coupons. Too late.


Another thing I didn’t really enjoy was the lack of compatibility. I, like a large majority of tech consumers, do not limit ourselves to just one company. I love my Apple products, don’t get me wrong, but I love video games and tech so I built my own desktop. That runs Windows. Universe was only on iPhone, iPad, and Macs. I did not like that at all. For a game? Sure. But a website building platform? C’mon. Trying to make it exclusive to only a certain group of people is just technologically wrong on so many levels. 


There we plenty of other things I didn’t enjoy about Universe. Lack of detailed analytics, lack of shipping options, no free shipping after you ordered so much, lack of being able to create an account for returning customers, lack of payment breakdowns, no ability to have collections, couldn’t set times and dates to auto-post… The list could continue but I don’t want to bore you. 


Simply, I went back to Shopify. (FYI, I am not getting paid to talk about any of these companies.)


I enjoy it because it has all the features I need and then some. Shopify got the model right on the first try and it’s just as easy to build the site yourself. I’m glad to be in such a space that is easy to navigate for you all as well. There’s so much you can do with a site to make it your own and you all will continue to see changes as I improve the site to be the best that it can be for you!


This was kind of a long, technical post but I still hope you enjoyed it! I love being able to write again, it’s been a hobby of mine for quite some time but I haven’t had any time for it in years. Definitely can’t wait until you join me in the den again!


Love and rainbows can prosper in the dark.



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